I’m a ZOOMA Napa Valley Race Ambassador!

I’m super excited to share that I was picked as a ZOOMA Napa Valley Race Ambassador!  I’m already planning my girls weekend in Napa with my best BRFs (Best Running Friends).  


Here is one of the many reasons I am so excited to be an ambassador  for ZOOMA Women’s Race Series: 
“Imagine a powerful sea of women on the move – encouraging fellow runners, creating unforgettable moments, and celebrating personal running triumphs. Picture an inspiring weekend filled with “mocktail” parties, yoga sessions, an exciting expo, and celebrations in an unforgettable resort location. This is the Muscle Milk Light ZOOMA Women’s Race Series.”  I love that statement.  It sounds like the ultimate girls racecation. 

Mark your calendars!  The race is June 20, 2015 and I would love to see (and finally meet a lot of you) there!  ZOOMA Napa Valley sells out because it is capped at a smaller number of runners, so my advice is don’t wait if you plan on registering. The ZOOMA Napa Valley half marathon is a flat out-and-back course starting near the Napa Valley Marriott in Napa, CA.  Did you catch that part that says FLAT?  My knees rejoice! You can find all the details and fun activities on the ZOOMA Napa Valley website here.  There is also a 10k which means bring your new running friends too.  A distance for everyone.

Since I am an ambassador that means I get to share a discount code with all my awesome friends like you guys!  Use code EMELIA15 for 10% off your ZOOMA race registration

Who will I be seeing in Napa?!?! 


  1. Amy Simonds | 21st Oct 14

    OMG!!! I want to do this! You had me at FLAT!!! lol

  2. Meghan Elkins | 22nd Oct 14

    Wall Street Journal? Nice quote: “just when you’re starting to get bored, you’re done.” !!!
    I’m “retired” from running marathons (for now) because it just takes too long. The half is my happy place… except when I PR and am nauseous for 4 hours afterwards.
    I’ve spectated the Chicago marathon before and it would be awesome to run it someday. I would say I am jealous, but my happiness for your race experience quashes my jealousy 10-fold.

    Oh, and I’d like to link back to your blog in my next post, would that be okay?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 22nd Oct 14

      Hi Meghan! Yes, of course you are more than welcome to link. The half is definitely my happy place…although I did just run Chicago and I am running Marine Corps this week, but I primarily run halfs. Miles 17-22 and I don’t get along very well. Good luck with all your upcoming runs!!! 🙂

      • sniklegemMeghan Elkins | 22nd Oct 14

        Miles 22-25 for me. I just want it to be over already!
        If you are a half fanatic then perhaps we’ll run (no pun intended!) in to each other at an upcoming race!

        • Half Crazy Mama | 22nd Oct 14

          Definitely! 🙂

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