Zabada- Clean faster, easier and healthier

I am a little obsessive about finding the healthiest way to do things.  I hate using toxic chemicals that my family will than be touching.  It also freaks me out that cleaning chemicals kill bacteria instead of just removing it because as we have learned, this means the bacteria just starts to mutate to other strands that are immune.  When I was first introduced to Zabada I was open to the idea, but definitely needed to retrain my thought a little.

Zabada is a cleaning system that has been around in Australia and Europe for years.  It doesn’t use ANY chemicals.  It just uses water and special fibers that pick up the bacteria.  It is really that simple.  It sounds to good to be true right?  Because we have been taught that it can’t be clean unless we kill all the bacteria.  Well, I assure you that I saw this first hand.  I was invited to a preview of the Zabada products for their US launch and witnessed this amazingness.


First, they had a counter top and rubbed raw chicken all over it, gross right?  They swabbed the counter and put the swab in a machine that reads how much bacteria there was.  I was told under 1,000 is what you want and is considered “safe”.  It came in reading over 4,000.  They than cleaned half with a US leading cleaning spray and cleaned the other half with a Zabada Glove and Marvel.  They swabbed each side separately and the cleaning spray came in 1,800!!!! And the Zabada side came in at 800!  I was AMAZED.  I was truly truly wowed.  The idea of how this product and its fibers can actually remove more bacteria than a spray can kill was genius to me.

They have a whole line of different products for your home.  One of my favorites is the floor cleaning system.  It is super easy.  You just dust with one fiber and than switch it out to a wet one that “mops” with nothing but water.  You get cleaner floors and their is no sticky residue.

This video gives a great demonstration (and I also laughed, like at the part about kale).

I spend sooooo much money in just paper towels alone that this system pays for itself in a very short amount of time.

Here is the Zabada website which has tons of info and you can also purchase products.

Want to win a Zabada Kitchen Care system?  I have a giveaway for one of you to win a Zabada kitchen glove, Marvel and laundry bag to wash them.  This is a $76 value!  Not to mention the health you will be improving for your family 🙂

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US only please 🙂

I want to say that I really really love this product.  I was given product to try and shown a demonstration, but all opinions are my own.  I really believe that getting rid of as much toxic chemicals as we can in any household is a step in the right direction.


  1. Kathleen Richardson | 6th Feb 14

    I love saving the money on paper towels!

  2. Sabrina | 6th Feb 14

    Wow, that is a great product. I definitely would like to purchase it.

  3. Tami | 6th Feb 14

    Saving money!

  4. Laurel C | 6th Feb 14

    I’m definitely excited about all those things, but mainly the less paper towels!

  5. Brittany S. | 8th Feb 14

    Less waste is great!!

  6. Charlene | 13th Feb 14

    Convenience is never a bad thing in my crazy life.

  7. Amy Simonds | 26th Feb 14

    Love hearing about new products that are Eco friendly!!!

  8. Raven | 27th Feb 14

    Really excited to try this – Thanks for doing a review!

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