Wow! What a busy busy week…

IMG_9048If you follow only on my social media accounts you probably saw we were at Disneyland and LA this weekend.  We got home late Sunday night after the 6 hour drive home from running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angles Half Marathon and it has been go go go all week.  On Monday we had school, picking my mom up to visit for a few days and gymnastics.  After dinner Monday my daughter finished  her entry for a local pumpkin decorating contest.  Here is what she made.  I love how her mind works.  My little Disney baby.  I am happy to report that I got a phone call yesterday that she won for her age group!

IMG_9075I worked in my daughter’s class Tuesday followed by ballet.  Wednesday was school, pumpkin carving and dance team practice.  

FullSizeRenderToday I need to clean the house after I drop my daughter off at school, get about 4 hours of work done in 1 hour, bake 30 pumpkins cookies, drive carpool and pack for NYC.  Friday is the school Halloween party and once again, my daughter’s dance team practice. Late Friday night I fly out on the redeye to NYC for the marathon.  I am so excited, yet feeling anxious at the same time.  I wish it wasn’t Halloween so my family would be coming with me.  I understand my daughter wanting to stay home for trick or treating though.  She is 5 after all, I can’t blame her.logo

I think I will feel calmer once I’m actually in NYC with my bib in hand.  How is everyone else’s week going?  Crazy busy too?