I Won The Lottery…The Chicago Marathon Lottery

I loved running the Chicago Marathon this past October.  I decided to enter to the Chicago Marathon lottery again for this year and I was picked.  My race lottery luck has definitely turned around and redeemed itself this year compared to years past.  That means I will be heading back to Chicago in October to run.  

11024770_824200824342900_6023236581911397851_nI would love to better my time there and attempt a new PR.  The course is relatively flat and I know what to expect.  The race is about 3 weeks before I run NYC Marathon.  It will be a marathon double header for me this fall (with a few half sprinkled on top).  I am very excited.  Chicago is such a fantastic city.

Who else will be running Chicago?



  1. beautea97 | 29th Apr 15


  2. Lani (@armytbonegirl) | 29th Apr 15

    I’ll be running as well!

  3. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 29th Apr 15

    Congratulations! That is so awesome. Chicago is such a fabulous city and I know you are going to get your PR!

  4. Sam | 29th Apr 15

    I didn’t get picked for New York, but I won the lottery for Chicago! It’ll be my first Chicago Marathon and first time visiting the windy city. I haven’t paid the registration fee yet though because of some confusion. When I’m on the web page where I enter my credit card info, it’s an unsecure page with no encryption?! That seems odd for a major marathon. I tried to call them, but it just goes to voice mail. I’ve sent them an email, but I haven’t gotten a response yet.

  5. Jennifer | 1st May 15

    Congrats! I’ll be running Chicago as well

    • Half Crazy Mama | 2nd May 15

      Yayy!!! Congrats!!!! I love Chicago 🙂

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