The Woman Game-Changer In My Life- LUNAFEST Film Festival

Thank you to LUNA Bar for sponsoring this post and encouraging me to share the game-changer in my life.

game changer

When I was little I thought it was so cool that I had an aunt that lived in Africa.  I didn’t really understand what she did, but as I got older I learned more and appreciate what a game-changer she actually is.  

My aunt went to Africa initially with the Peace Corps.  She ended up moving there, which is where she lived for 30+ years until she retired.  Her and a friend opened a language school among other things.  They taught the language of Wolof, a native language to where they were in Senegal, Africa to volunteers, university students and others coming over to the country.  They also taught French, since it is a French speaking area as well as English to locals.  They organized AIDS education conferences and various other tasks for diplomats as well.  

24498_1375251948449_7461940_nWhen I was 15 my sister and I went over to Dakar, Senegal to visit her.  This was life changing.  I think every teenager should visit a place that is so out of their comfort zone so it forces them to open their eyes.  Life is VERY different there.  I loved our trip and learned so much.  I had an even deeper appreciation of what my aunt had built.  She is a game-changer.  She moved to a foreign country, started a business that was never even heard of and changed the lives of many.  She did this years ago when things like this was not common for women to do.

Women Game-Changers

Having my aunt in my life showed me that there are more doors open than I even can see.  Anything is possible when you have the focus, energy, and drive to accomplish it.  There is no such thing as a traditional role.  You create who you want to be.  

Who is a game-changer in your life?

I was inspired by LUNAFEST, which is a film festival—by women, for women, and about women.  The film festival is sponsored by LUNA Bar, the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women.  To date it has raised 2.5 million dollars for the Breast Cancer Fund and other nonprofits around the country.  These films that are all made by women are amazing.  This year, LUNAFEST films celebrate women who are game-changers. Everyone has a woman in their life who has inspired the people around them. 

Click here to take a look at all these amazing films at LUNAFEST. 

LUNAFEST is currently making stops all around the country. Check out the tour stops and see when it is near you.  Some of the LUNAFEST locations are San Diego, Tempe, St. Louis, Elk Grove, Santa Fe, Pasadena, Baton Rouge, Washington DC and tons more.

LUNAFEST – 2014/2015 Season Trailer from Clif Bar & Company on Vimeo.


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  1. Laurel C | 24th Sep 14

    There was just one in San Francisco!

  2. disneygirl85 | 28th Sep 14

    This sounds amazing! I have also been wanting to try Luna for awhile now, so this giveaway comes at the perfect time!

  3. disneygirl85 | 28th Sep 14

    Unfortunately, there isn’t one near me. The closest one is in the middle of October about 3 hours away.

  4. disneygirl85 | 28th Sep 14

    Also, the film that most interests me is Chicas Day.

  5. Jessica L | 29th Sep 14

    Nothing very close to me in Oklahoma unfortunately!

  6. Jessica L | 29th Sep 14

    “tryouts” sounds interesting

  7. smilejoylove | 29th Sep 14

    There is one in New Hope – pretty close to me – I’m going to check this out!! Sounds like fun!

  8. smilejoylove | 29th Sep 14

    The film Flor De Toloache sounds amazing! I love to watch stories about brave women!

  9. Kelsey | 30th Sep 14

    There aren’t any near me! 🙁 Closest would be Louisiana, I guess?

  10. Kelsey | 30th Sep 14

    “Miss Todd” looks interesting to me!

  11. Renata | 30th Sep 14

    Chicas Days looks great to me!

  12. Renata | 30th Sep 14

    I didn’t see a festival near me but they look great!

  13. Raymond | 30th Sep 14

    Tryouts would be nice to see. Thanks!

  14. Raymond | 30th Sep 14

    No festival near me.

  15. BarrAndTable | 30th Sep 14

    Ahh I just missed mine 2 weeks ago! 🙁

  16. Brittney | 30th Sep 14

    There was just one in San Francisco!

  17. Georgiana | 1st Oct 14

    There isn’t a festival near me.

  18. Georgiana | 1st Oct 14

    Miss Todd would be nice!

  19. Kelly Egan | 1st Oct 14

    That picture of your aunt is amazing! She looks like a total Bad***! Thanks for sharing this story about her. Sorry I wasn’t able to meet you at the festival. You can find my post here:

    xx, Kelly

  20. Christina | 3rd Oct 14

    No festival near me.

  21. Christina | 3rd Oct 14

    Also, Chica’s Day looks great.

  22. Dani Holmes-Kirk (@IrishEyes1982) | 6th Oct 14

    Nothing in the Massachusetts area! boo!

  23. Dani Holmes-Kirk (@IrishEyes1982) | 6th Oct 14

    Tryouts looks really interesting!

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