Dealing with a Canceled Race: What Runners Can Do

Dealing with a canceled race can be really frustrating. That’s especially true when you have trained hard and have been looking forward to the event. As public events cancel while other places open up, the apparent lack of continuity can play with your mind. We have been dealing with the fallout from the global spread of COVID-19 for most of 2020. Our frustrations are high. That makes sudden cancelations even harder to take, even if they are expected or necessary. To help you deal with the change, here are some ideas on what you should do once you learn of a canceled race you have prepared for. canceled running race

Process the Change

Dealing with a canceled race takes some time. Adjust and let the frustration out in a healthy way. Don’t give up on training. Think about what’s going on and what is important, but remember it’s okay to be upset about it. Like anything else, it’s never good to bury your feelings so deal with them head-on instead of trying to bottle it up. You may need to take some time from social media while you let the impact of the cancelation soak in.

Cancel Your Travel Bookings

Remember to cancel any travel plans you had in connection to the race. remember that it’s probably for the best and you are better safe than sorry. Even if you are healthy it’s best not to risk further spreading the virus. In light of everything, it is relatively easy to cancel and get your money back, or at least a travel voucher form the airline.


Attempt a Virtual Challenge

Some races offer a virtual challenge, either automatically, or as an alternative to an actual race. If your race is canceled, be sure to read the notice thoroughly so you can determine what alternative options might exist for you. Virtual challenges are a nice way to keep focused on your goal and stay connected with your community. Having something to fall back on is important in dealing with a canceled race. runners on trail

Change up Your Routine

You may struggle at first to see the point in continuing to train. Training for a specific event usually means a very regimented type of training, but without a race, you can continue to train in different ways. Use the opportunity to change up your routine. Without a race looming, it feels pointless and self-defeating to practice for one. On the contrary, if you focus on a routine that is not so specifically focused, you can continue to run without feeling like the training is not building to anything.


Find a New Reason to Run

To that point, just because there is no race does not mean it’s pointless to run. It’s good to stay in prime condition. You don’t want to stop and lose all the traction you had. Besides, there are so many physical and psychological benefits of running. If you are struggling to stay motivated, find a reason other than an upcoming race to keep you excited about running. The important thing is not to give up just because one reason disappears.

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