What Motivates You To Run?

I think this is a very real question for runners.  Runners are certainly not all the same shape or size and I think we all run for different reasons.  Do you run constantly chasing a PR?  For weight loss?  Because you enjoy being outside?  For the race bling?  For overall health?  

race_medalsI run for many reasons.  A big one is that running is my “me” time.  I get to listen to MY music and be alone with MY thoughts.  It helps me get a little bit of my sanity back.  It helps calm me and makes me feel happy.  I run to stay in shape.  I love food too much and running helps me keep that in check.  Why do I RUN races…?  Not going to lie, I love the medals, but I also love traveling to new places and getting a tour on foot of the cities.  I think another big motivator for me running races though is that I never thought I would.  If 10 years ago someone had told me that I would have a wall of half and full marathon medals I probably would’ve laughed in their face.  The accomplishment of finishing a race feels great.  

What motivates you to run?


  1. Angela | 20th Jul 15

    Not gonna lie – I run for the PRs & to see how high I can place / how many people I can beat. But there are a lot of nice side benefits! I do love not having to worry about exercise / staying in shape and having a chunk of time to myself every day or two. But if I suddenly developed some kind of physical condition where I couldn’t race hard anymore, I’m not sure I’d keep running. (Or, I might continue with a few easy jogs each week but find something else to be ruthlessly competitive about!)

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