Weekend Recap

1.  We had a really nice weekend.  We (my family and I) attended the Hyundai Santa Fe Epic Playdate in Santa Barbara.  It was on a beautiful ranch with lots of fun activities and yummy food.  Look for the recap coming this week!

2.  I ran the Big Sur 9 Miler on Sunday, which was part of the Big Sur International Marathon weekend.  It was a bit chilly to start, but a beautiful run along the coast  and plenty of hills to remind me that I don’t love hills, but not to many that my knees bothered me.  Look for the race recap for this as well this week.

3.  I discovered Barre.  It is a “real food barre”.  I LOVED it.  The Black Swan Chocolate Cherry came in my Bulu Box this month and it was amazing.  They have several other flavors that I would love to try.  That is my fav part about my Bulu Box subscription is that I get to try things that I ordinarily wouldn’t even know about.  I definitely recommend these “Barres” made of yummy things like walnuts, dates, cranberries, sunflower seed butter, and hemp seed.  If you want to give Bulu Box a try here is a code for $10 off: BULUGAN728 .  The monthly subscription is only $10, so basically you could get a free box! http://www.bulubox.com/?acc=c0c7c76d30bd3dcaefc96f40275bdc0a&bannerid=1

4.  We stayed in Carmel for the Big Sur race this weekend.  I haven’t spent time there since I was a kid.  It is such a cute town and is absolutely beautiful.  I can’t wait to go back for a possible family vacation with a beach house.  Did you know that the houses in Carmel are named and not numbered?  Which brings me to the question, if you are using your navigation system and trying to find someone’s house will it not be able to find it or is that all programmed in too?  Also, the Post Office there must be amazing!!! 🙂

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Peace Love Run