A week from today I will be turning 33…

Yes, my birthday is a week from today.  I have some fun giveaways planned for you guys in the next couple weeks.  I’m trying to think of a fun way for me to celebrate and I was inspired by a couple bloggers I know who did random acts of kindness for their birthdays.  I’m trying to brainstorm.

Has anyone done anything for their birthday that they loved?

I thought about running 33 miles on my 33rd birthday, but I have a radio interview late morning, which would make completely 33 miles later in the day tough.  Hmmmm….



  1. Leslee | 29th Jan 14

    What about running 3.3 miles???

  2. Deana | 30th Jan 14

    I turn 33 the day after you! I have absolutely nothing planned, but totally stoked to head to Disney a bit over a wk later for PrincessHalf! My boys have already started to sing Happy Birthday several times a day. Now to plan how to celebrate on the day off….cupcake after a run? 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Jan 14

      Happy almost 33rd birthday too!!! I still have running 33 miles that day stuck in my head. I don’t have the time all at once, but maybe if I break it up during the day I can do it? I sound insane though. I will “see” you at Princess 🙂

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