Sports are so competitive, so naturally looking at a marathon runners one assumes they are all racing against each other. Truth is though, unless you are an elite runner, runners are really only racing against themselves. Here are some other things...

A lot of us plan our vacations around when and where races are.

It is not uncommon for a runner to wait 30+ minutes in line before a race to use a porta-potty.

While getting older is no fun, it could also help get you into a race that needs qualifying.  For example, a woman who is 35-39 needs a time of 3:40 to qualify for the Boston Marathon, but the next age bracket is 40-44 and the time is 3:45.

We spend way too much money on running related things like fancy watches, $15 socks, foam rollers, custom insoles, fancy tech crop pants, and don’t even get us started on race registrations.

We are very charitable people and often raise money for charity. Some people raising money for a specific charity for a specific race even get a bib to that race.

Here is another story for you: