What Food To Eat While Training For A Marathon

Fueling your body while running lots of miles is important. Here are tips on what to eat!

Before your run: Avoid high fiber foods that can cause GI upset. (i.e. don't eat a big salad right before hand)


Many marathon runners will eat a protein bar or peanut butter and jelly sandwich before a long run.

During your run: If you don't enjoy gels or goos, try other options like gummy bears and salted pretzels.

After a run: Foods with protein to help your muscles heal, plus vitamin and minerals lost are good options, like greek yogurt and banana.

Days leading up to marathon: Carbs and lean protein are key! Think grilled chicken breast and rice! 

Remember! Never eat anything in the days before the race that you haven't already tried before running. An upset stomach during a marathon is never fun!

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