Ways To Make Running On The Treadmill More Fun

The treadmill can get super boring. Here are some ways to make running on the treadmill more fun.

Watch a movie on your phone or iPad while running to make time pass quicker.


Run intervals. Sprint for 1 minute. Jog for 1 minute. This will help time pass AND it will help you increase your stamina.


Get a treadmill with iFit or the iFit app. Working out with one of the videos that has a trainer will make time pass quick.


Create a new playlist. Sometimes some great music is all you need to enjoy a treadmill run.


Join a friend at the gym and chat while on the treadmill.


Another option: find a random person at the gym who is running, get on treadmill next to them and pretend like you are racing. Don't stop until after they do.


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