Summer  Self-Care Tips For Better Fitness

Self-care is so important to your overall health. These tips will help you stay healthy and have great workouts this summer.

Sleep More

Sleep is one of the most important things to keep your body healthy. Even though there is more daylight during the summer, make sure you are still getting enough sleep.

Tip 1


Make sure you are taking time to stretch. Start each morning with some yoga.

Tip 2

Eat Healthy

Summer has an amazing selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, make sure you are eating lots of them.

Tip 3

Exercise in Morning or Evening

Because the summer is hot, get your exercise in during the cooler times of day like morning or evening.

Tip 4

Try somethng new

Paddleboarding and surfing are both fun summer sports to try.

Extra Summer Self-Care Ideas

Track your sleep and monitor your movement Using a smart watch.

Watch your heart rate while exercising in the heat.

Use Your Apps and Technology

Fun summer workouts

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