runDisney Do's and Don'ts

runDisney Do's and Don'ts

Don’t wear a costume that will make you miserable to run in.

Do wear a costume that is comfortable and made to run in.

Don’t be disappointed with long character stop lines.

Do stop for a couple or take a selfie air other parts of the park without waiting in a line.

Don’t gorge yourself at Chef Mickey’s the night before the race. Nothing is worse than the course port-a-potties.

Do eat multiple smaller meals the day before to give you the fuel you need, but not feel overly full at 3:30am walking to the starting corrals.

Don’t buy all new gear at the expo and then wear it for the races.

Do buy the new shiny awesome stuff at the expo, but save it for other runs or wear it around the parks.

Don’t bring your whole family if the expectations aren’t managed ahead of time. Family who isn’t running will want to go go go and do all the things.

Do bring your family if you are all on the same page that you will need to be able to rest your feet and go to bed a little earlier.

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