Rules Of Running A Race

Here are rules of running a race, some are official and some are etiquette. Here is what you need to know.

Some races have time limits, meaning you have to finish before that cutoff, so check and know your pace.

Slower runners and walkers keep to the right. Faster runners keep to the left.

At the start, if you are planning to walk or run a slower pace, start towards the back of the pack and let the faster runners start at the front.

Large races have assigned corrals by pace. You will be assigned a corral you have to start in.

Stay on the course and don't cut corners outside the cones. This is for your safety and to also insure the correct milage.

If you are throwing away mylar blankets, clothes, or food wrappers, make sure to throw it off the course so runners behind you don't trip.

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