Pro Tips to Make Exercise Part of Your Routine

If you are struggling to make exercise part of your routine, here are some pro tips to help keep you on track.

Plan your workouts ahead of time.


Schedule it when it works naturally with your schedule, i.e. mornings, lunchtime, evenings.


Make working out fun, so you are excited to go exercise. Examples: a fun fitness class, workout with a friend, join a sport you like.


Keep an extra set of workout clothes in your car, so if you have extra time you can get in a quick run or workout.


Start with small goals. Here are attainable ideas: sit-ups before bed, half hour of running/walking, yoga in the morning. Increase duration as you get use to the routine.


Stick to a schedule of working out 4-5 days a week. Make sure to give yourself at least one day off to recover and not get burnt out.


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