How To Train For A 5k

Running a 5k is a great goal! Here are tips on how to train to run a 5k. A good amount of time to train for a 5k is 3-4 months if you are a new runner.

If you are just starting your running journey, it is important to learn about what pace you should be running at.

You want to find a comfortable pace where you aren't out of breath, but fast enough so your pulse is elevated.

Start by doing whatever running you can, example: run for 1 minute and walk for 2 minutes, for 2 miles.

As time goes on increase the amount of time you are running and decrease the amount of time you are walking. Work your way up to 3 miles.

You should be able to notice you won't need to walk much as your training progresses.

Before your race, do a practice 5k. Go out and run 3.1 miles at what you feel like is your race pace. See how it feels and what time you run it in.

If you felt like you still had energy left, increase your pace for the race. Set your time goal for the race.

Run your race and have fun!

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