How To Train For A Marathon

If you have set your mind on running a marathon and wondering how to start training, here are tips.

Pick a race that is far enough out to complete training. 16 weeks minimum.

With the date of the race set, now you can plan out your training calendar.

A good training program has you running 4-5 days a week.

3-4 of those days are regular 4-6 mile runs.

1 day a week is your long run. This is where you build your mileage up. Start with 7-8 miles the first week and each week after that add another mile until at the peak you run 20-22 miles.

You should taper your mileage back down after that for about a month until your race.

Remember on race day to stick to your training and pace.

There will be times in your training you won't want to do it or want to give up. Know you are not alone. Every runner feels that. Stick with it.

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