5 Types of Running Workouts


Here are 5 running workouts that will help you reach your goals, increase your speed, and help your endurance.


Base Runs- These are short to medium length runs of continuous pace.


Hill Repeats- Sprint up the hill and jog or walk back down. Repeat. This helps you build speed and power.


Speed Workout- This is also known as interval training. Run at a fast pace for period of time and then cut back to a jog for a recovery period and repeat.


Tempo Run- A tempo run gets you ready for your race pace. You should be running fast enough that it should be close to your threshold, but also being able to sustain that pace for 30-60 minutes.


Long Run- This should be a distance that gets longer each week with training. It should be the longest run you do each week. For marathon training this should reach 22-24 miles at peak of training.

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