Tips To Become A Faster Runner

If you are looking to improve your speed and become a faster runner, here are tips...

Hill Repeats

Run up hill as fast as you can. Jog or walk back down and keep repeating.

Interval Runs

This is where you run all out for a set amout of time, try starting with 1 min intervals, then walk at a comfortable pace. Repeatt for at least 30 min..


The word is funny, but the workouts are tough. The word “fartlek” is a Swedish term which means “speed play.” It is a training method that blends continuous (endurance) training with interval (speed) training. Unlike intervals, where you stop or walk for recovery, Fartlek is continuous running. Fartlek running involves varying your pace throughout your workout.

Good Shoes

While shoes won't necessarily make you faster, the right shoes can help you train without injury and run more comfortably.


The right diet can make or break your training. Lean protein, fruits and vegetables and whole grains are key. Avoid overly processed food. Here is a saying for you: Put garbage in and you will get garbage performance out.

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