We Are Planning Big Family Road Trips This Summer!

My husband and I have always talked about traveling around the country and seeing as many places as we can.  It was always more of a dream, but this summer we are making it into a reality.  Yellowstone, Grand Teton National Park, Yosemite, Clearwater Aquarium, Mount Rushmore, Chicago, New England, and the list goes on.  

13055521_1021623217933992_7981499653060298511_nFor our road trip to Yellowstone my mom is going to be joining us.  When my mom was little her family vacations were usually to Yellowstone because that is where her uncles ranch was, just outside the park.  She has been wanting to go back and I am very happy and I can help make that happen.  We plan to visit as much as we can see and take lots of pictures!  Along the trip we also plan to stop at Balanced Rock in Idaho, Grand Tetons National Park, and also Jackson Hole.  Did you know it is the National Park Services Centennial?  I am  very excited.

I can’t wait to share with you all our adventures and the do’s and don’ts I learn along the way.