When Will The #WDWMarathonMeetup Be Announced?

Getting into a runDisney “Meetup” has kind of become like winning a golden ticket from Willy Wonka.  Everyone wants one, but only so few spots.  The only secret is timing. You have to send in your email in the first minute it posts to really even have any chance, to be honest.  They are so fun and I totally understand why.

So speculation about the WDWMarathon Meetup is brewing because it hasn’t been announced yet and the Marathon “weekend” starts next Wednesday.  When will the meetup be?  Last year the meetup was Friday morning, the same morning that the 5k was last year.  People chose whether to run the 5k or make it to the meetup.  This year with so many Dopey runners running all 4 mornings I know people would be pretty bummed if it was on one of those mornings.  So will it be Wednesday?  Or will it be a night time meetup like the Wine and Dine Half Meetup was?  Or will the meetup format change entirely since it is only a few days away and it hasn’t been announced yet?

Any one have any thoughts, ideas or wishes for the meetup?


  1. DopeyForTheKids | 3rd Jan 14

    I remember hearing someone from runDisney marketing on the Mickey Miles Podcast talking about Wine & Dine saying they were already planning the WDW Marathon meet up. This was right after they announced the Atlanta meet up. So it would kind of surprise me if they didn’t do *anything* but maybe they’ll be mixing up the format to accommodate the Dopey runners.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 3rd Jan 14

      Ya, WDW Marathon is the biggest of all the weekends. I am sure something is planned. I am very curious to see when it is because there is so much going on next week.

  2. meranda@fairytalesandfitness | 3rd Jan 14

    These meet ups look like so much fun! I have never tried to get into one though because my flight schedules are always already set by the time the meet ups are announced and the timing never works out!

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