5 Ways to Workout for Free

5 ways to workout for free

Working out can be costly, and that cost often keeps people from pursuing it. Fitness doesn’t have to break the bank though. This post has 5 ways to workout for free. There are lots of affordable fitness options.

If you want to start working out, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, have no fear! There is no rule out there that says that exercise should cost money. There are plenty of ways to get a great workout that won’t cost you a dime! Here are 4 ways to workout for free so that you can see just how easy it can be!

5 Ways to Workout for Free

Head to the Gym

Okay, that one may have taken you by surprise, but notice I didn’t say to get a gym membership? Many gyms allow you to check them out before you sign up. I know 24 Hour Fitness, for example, offers a free 3 day pass. Many other gyms offer trial memberships like this as well. Of course, you aren’t going to drive to different gyms all year long just to get a free 3 day pass, but this is a great option if you are wanting to get a feel for the place before you sign up. It’s also a great way to workout when you are in a new town looking for a way to get a workout in. 

Like gyms, many yoga studios, barre classes and Orange Theory offer a free first class. This is a great way to mixup your routine a little bit without spending a dime. ways to workout for free

Download Your Workout

You can get an app for just about anything these days and that includes fitness. There are some great exercise apps out there that won’t cost you anything to download or workout with. Peloton has an app you can use for a workout even without their equipment and it is also free for the first 30 days!

Hit the Trail

Hiking is such an amazing workout. If you have never been hiking before, you are in for a lovely surprise. You can download the Alltrails app and discover hiking trails near you (I bet there are more than you realize). The app will also tell you the difficulty rating of the trail. When you hike you are not only getting a great workout, but you will be breathing fresh air and enjoying the beautiful natural sites all around you.

Check for Free Fitness Events

Do you live in an urban area? If so, you might be surprised to find lots of free fitness events in your area. Many larger cities have dozens of these types of events each and every month. These vary in activity and some will be outside, while others will be held indoors, so it will be hard to find one that doesn’t fit for you.

I recently did a search for free events in my area and found the following events being offered:
Yoga Classes
Groove Dance Classes
Stroller Strides Groups
Free CrossFit Classes

This is only 4 of literally dozens that were listed. These events are a great opportunity for anyone looking for fun and free ways to workout. Plus, you get the bonus of having the opportunity to meet new people. ways to workout for free

Go For A Run

Putting on your shoes, leaving your house, and going for a run is totally free! Find a bench along the way and add in some chair squats and some push ups to make it a more full body workout. The best part about a run is you can make it as long or short as you want. 

There are many ways to workout for free. Have fun burning those calories!

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5 ways to workout for free