11 Ways To Spice Up Your Run

Let’s be real, sometimes running can be boring. If you are looking for way to make running fun, you are in the right place. We can get in a workout rut and need to get out of it. Whether you are a runner or someone who just runs occasionally runs, these are great tips and ideas to spice up your run and change it up a little. Especially right now while times of social distancing and races being cancelled, I think we can all use ideas on how to run during this pandemic. running shoes in dirt

  1. Download the Peloton App– The Peloton App isn’t just for people who own their equipment. You can download the app and do their bike or treadmill workouts on whatever equipment you have. They also have a lot of workouts though were you don’t need their equipment. BUT if you have any treadmill at home this will help spice up the monotony of running on the treadmill and make it fun again. Right now they are even offering a free 90 day trial! 
  2. Run a virtual race– There are a lot of choose from. I actually organized one that you can register for and it is only $15. Who doesn’t want a medal in the mail right? Visit this link to learn more: Social Distancing Virtual 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon
  3. Order new running shoes– While stores are closed physically you can still get new kicks delivered to your door when you order online. I just ordered myself a new pair of Brooks and I am so excited to get them. Running in new shoes always feels so good. 
  4. Binge a motivational movie while on the treadmill– Watching “Spirit of the Marathon” while running on the treadmill will definitely help motivate you to run.


  5. Run somewhere new– While social distancing, drive to a neighborhood or trail without a lot of people and run a new route. Sometimes running the same route over and over gets monotonous and this will help breathe some life into your routine. 
  6. Call a running friend and run “together”– Call a friend, throw in your AirPods, and go for a run “together”. This is great for people who are use to running with friends and not alone. It can help the time go by quicker too.
  7. Try intervals– Instead of just running 3 miles and being done, try some intervals. This means, running faster than your normal pace, like all out for a set amount of time, like 2 minutes, and then slow down for a recovery of a slower pace for a couple minutes and keep repeating. This can help you increase your overall speed too. person standing with hands on head
  8. Do a workout every 1/2 mile– Run a half mile, do 20 burpees. Run another half mile and do 50 squats. Run another half mile and do 50 pushups. You get the idea.
  9. Listen to a podcast– There are so many podcasts to listen to. This can help time pass quickly and can change up a normal routine or playlist to make it different and fun. Here is a post with some recommendations. Best Podcasts to Listen to While You Workout
  10. Follow a training plan, even if there is no race currently– There will one day be a race in your future. Why not train in the meanwhile? Whether this is a 5k, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon training plan, find one and still with it. This will help keep you on a schedule and give you a goal.
  11. Run naked– Not THAT kind of naked. I mean run without your GPS watch. Just go for a run and remember why you run. You don’t need to keep check your distance or pace. Just go connect with yourself and not worry about how fast or how far. 

I hope these ideas help you spice up your running routine and maybe help you find a new groove. 


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