6 Ways To Make Your Smoothie Better

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6 ways to make your smoothie better

I make myself a smoothie daily and I have learned that not all smoothies are created equal.   Here are my 6 tips for making your smoothie better:

1.  Use What Is In Season or Buy Frozen Fruit- Take a look at your local produce.  Just because you can buy strawberries, doesn’t always mean they are going to have tons of flavor.  If it isn’t the right season for the fruit you want go to the frozen aisle and purchase from there.

2.  Add Silk Almondmilk– Silk Almondmilk gives a smoothie a great creamy taste with fewer calories.  It is also vegan, non-GMO, lactose free, and gluten free

silk smoothie tray

3.  Throw In Some Greens- Spinach is actually quite sweet when you add it to a smoothie.  Don’t be scared by the color green.  Kale is another great choice.  It has more of an earthy taste then spinach does.

4.  Make It Calcium Rich With Silk Coconutmilk–  Silk Coconutmilk will give your smoothie a nice mild coconut taste and it also packs more calcium than dairy milk.  As a woman I am always looking for ways to add more calcium to my diet.

5.  Try Adding A Whole Orange-  Many people add orange juice to a smoothie, but I feel this can be overpowering.  Instead, peel an orange and throw that in for a nice citrus flavor without make the whole smoothie taste like orange juice.

6.  Choose Your Favorite Flavored Yogurt Alternative- I love adding mango and peaches to my smoothies, but they are often not in season and can be very pricey. Try adding Silk Peach & Mango Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative instead. It is free of cholesterol, dairy, lactose, gluten, carrageenan, and casein. It will add a delicious creamy texture to your smoothie as well making it seem like a decadent dessert without the guilt.  

Silk Dairy-Free yogurt

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What are some of your favorite ways to make your smoothie better?

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