Walt Disney World Marathon Meetup 2013 Recap

RunDisney said it was going to be the biggest Meetup yet and they didn’t disappoint! As I’m juggling all the weekend events; i.e. kids races, expo, goofy prep, and just spending some time with my family, I wanted to share a little about the event with you first.

It started when we crossed through the turnstile into Hollywood Studios.  Goofy, Mickey and Donald were there to greet us.

photo 1


We prepared to do a short 2 mile run around Hollywood Studios.  Below in the red shirt is Bart Yasso from Runner’s Road magazine getting ready to lead the pack with Jeff Galloway.

photo 2

After the run we were met by the ESPN food truck serving us bagel breakfast sandwiches with a choice of just egg and cheese or bacon, egg and cheese.  There was also coffee, juice and water.  On a side note they even had flavored syrup to add to your coffee which thrilled me since I’m a “flavored” coffee drinker 🙂

photo 3

photo 1

I even sported my new New Balance special addition runDisney 860 trainers.  They went with my Minnie Team Sparkle Skirt nicely 🙂

photo 2

We than watched a short video on the big screen of race footage.  Joey Fatone made an entrance on a stunt truck shortly after.

We than had the pleasure of hearing from an amazing panel including Jeff Galloway, Bill Rodgers, Joan Benoit Samuelson, Dick Beardsley, Bart Yasso, and Des Davila.

photo 3

At the end of it all the Fab Five came out for pics too!

photo 4

Joey Fatone was a funny guy and super nice.

photo 5

Here is a pic of Mickey and Drew Carey shaking hands.


It was a GREAT time.  runDisney sure knows how to put on a show.

Have you ever attended a runDisney meetup?


  1. Mileage Mama | 12th Jan 13

    Yea for Drew Carey! He’s a hometown hero for those of us in the Cleveland area.

    And your polka dot Minnie skirt is ADORABLE!

    • thehalfcrazymama | 13th Jan 13

      Thank you! I love my Team Sparkle Skirts 🙂 And Drew Carey seemed like a cool guy for sure.

  2. @TwinsRun | 13th Jan 13

    Great recap! What an amazing morning!

    • thehalfcrazymama | 13th Jan 13

      It was definitely an amazing morning! Can’t wait to share the video, but the Wifi here is so spotty it won’t stay on long enough to upload the super long videos. I’ll have 3 days at home before I head to SoCal for the Tink Half, so I will do it than. 🙂 Happy Running Twins!

  3. Cecilia @ MommiesRun | 13th Jan 13

    Wow! What an amazing opportunity. I would love to be able to do that some day!

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