Disney World Half Marathon Dressed in Mary Poppins Disney Costume runDisney 2014

I ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon 2014 as part of the Dopey Challenge.  It was my third race of the challenge, which meant my third really early wakeup call.  The race started at 5:30am.  I also was running the full marathon the next morning, so saving energy was on my mind.

It was a humid morning, but quite frankly I find all mornings running in Florida humid 🙂

Their were 15 corrals in total and each of them was sent off with fireworks. photo

I have wanted to do a Mary Poppins costume for a while and decided that this was the race I would wear it.  I used Lululemon white running clothes as the base and than sewed on the lace and ribbon, so it was totally comfortable.

We started near Epcot and made our way towards the Magic Kingdom.  I felt great.

Jack Sparrow and Barbosa were the first characters along the course.  I knew from past races that their line is always VERY long.  They are on a stretch of road that we come back on, so they usually reverse directions on the opposite side around mile 10 too.  I figured I would skip the long line and try on the way back.

We passed under the Magic Kingdom Toll Booths.


We entered the Magic Kingdom and ran down Main Street USA.


I found Buzz Lightyear in Tomorrowland.

mary poppins 9

Queen of Hearts was out near the Tea Cups.


Pooh Bear was near his ride back in Fantasyland.

mary poppins 15

I was talking to someone and they made me laugh just as I was about to run through the castle and MarathonFoto got a picture of it.  I’m laughing, not crying. haha

Mary poppins 5

Of course I had to stop for a picture after running through the castle.

Mary Poppins 1

I found my favorite toy Woody in Frontierland….funny, he is way taller than I pictured him 😉


In the backstage area before exiting the Magic Kingdom was Cinderella and Prince Charming.  There is usually  a parade float and princess in this area, FYI for future WDW Marathon and Princess Half Marathon runners.

mary poppins 14

The funny reindeer from the Christmas Parade made an appearance.  I love these guys.

mary poppins 13

Lilo and Stich were on the back stretch of road near the Grand Floridian.

mary poppins 12

By Magnolia Golf Course was golfing Goofy, but he had a super long line, so I just snapped this pic.


We made our way back to Epcot and sure enough look who I got a picture with!

mary poppins 10

The last part of the course took us back to Epcot and we ran passed Spaceship Earth before we finish.

mary poppins 2

Not the best picture of me, but hey it was my 3rd VERY early morning in a row 😉

A better look at the race bling in my motorcoach selfie.

The crowd support being dressed as Mary Poppins was SOOO COOL!  Everyone kept cheering me on yelling “GO MARY POPPINS!!!”.  It was pretty amazing.  For this reason is why running in costume is totally worth it.

The race was a slow one for me.  I took my time enjoying pictures and saving energy for the full marathon the next day.

After finishing I met my family at Kat Kora’s Kouzzina at Boardwalk for breakfast.  Pretty sure when I walked in most of the diners thought I was a little odd wearing this, but my 3 year old loved it and that’s all that counts.  Here is my daughter and her cousin and myself.


I loved every second while running the Dopey Challenge.

Do you have a character you have always wanted to dress up as?



  1. Tinsel & Tine | 25th Jan 14

    Looks like it was more about picture taking than running – LOL! Just kidding. Congrats and love the costume. Did you see “Saving Mr. Banks”? Love the movie, but ran out of time during the holidays to write a post about it.

    Visiting from SITS

  2. Christine @ We Run Disney | 25th Jan 14

    Cute costume! We wanted to stop for golfer Goofy too but the line was way too long! We stopped for our very first castle picture in this race (crazy I know)!

  3. Leslee | 25th Jan 14

    Such a cute outfit! You are very creative…

  4. Alicia | 26th Jan 14

    Great costume!!

  5. Jennifer @ The Final Forty | 28th Jan 14

    AWESOME recap, and great costume! I absolutely love running in costume for that reason — hearing spectators call you by “name” is always such a great boost! 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 28th Jan 14

      Totally makes every mile even more magical 🙂

  6. Rebecca Jo | 30th Jan 14

    Awesome!!! Love your costume! You don’t see many Mary Poppins. My dream is to do a Run Disney race with a Belle costume 🙂

    • Half Crazy Mama | 30th Jan 14

      I still have Belle on my short list of costumes I want to do too 🙂 My 3 year old usually dictates what I will dress as…like she did for my soon to be Princess Half Marathon, 10k, and 5k costumes.

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