Walt Disney World 10k 2017- Day 2 of Dopey Challenge

I finished my 4th runDisney Dopey Challenge and had a great time doing it.  For those that aren’t familiar with the Dopey Challenge it is the runDisney challenge where you run the 5k, 10k, half marathon and full marathon in 4 consecutive days.  The Walt Disney World 10k is day 2 of the Dopey Challenge.  

I dressed as the Mad Hatter.  It was Little Monkey’s (my 6 year old daughter) choice.  The hat was nice because it kept me warm in the morning,

The first couple miles of the Disney World 10k are around the roads near Epcot.  Mr. and Mrs. Incredible were along the way.  

You then enter Epcot through the backstage area near Norway, which is where I saw these guys.

These amazing 3 were in the America pavilion at Epcot during the 10k.  They reminded me of what Hamilton would be like if Disney did it.It’s not a Disney World race without an Epcot selfie.

The runDisney race bling is always awesome!

I had a fun time running the 2017 Disney World 10k.  Did you run it?  What did you think?