Walt Disney World 10k 2016- Dopey Challenge Part 2 of 4

I had ran the Walt Disney World 5k the day before as part 1 of the Dopey Challenge. My alarm went off at 3:30am and I could hear the rain outside.  Never a good start to a race morning.  I suited up as Mike Wazowski, wrapped my mylar blanket around me and headed off to get on the bus.  

IMG_7151They opened up the extra tents for people to take shelter before we had to be in the corrals.  I brought my Uncrustable with me for breakfast and enjoyed that while I hung out in the dry tent.

IMG_7148In the corrals there was a ton of garbage bags, ponchos and mylar blankets around people.

IMG_7152It was definitely wet…not quite as bad as Wine and Dine 2014, but still pretty bad.  The race starts in the parking lot of Epcot and basically the first 3 miles are outside on surface roads before you enter Epcot.  

FullSizeRenderAround Mile 1 was Darkwing Duck and Launchpad McQuack. (I’m not sure what that guy dropped that was bending over.)

IMG_7162Mulan and Mushu were out in China.

IMG_7164I look like a drowned rat…or rather monster, but I found my buddies while running around Boardwalk.

IMG_7169Phineas and Ferb were out in the covered walkway just past mile 5.

IMG_7175When you see Spaceship Earth from this side you know you are almost done!

IMG_7183I successfully finished.  I was cold and wet.  I grabbed my medal, a mylar blanket and headed to the bus back to the hotel to thaw out.  It was still fun, but running in the rain makes it more difficult for sure, especially because it is still dark out that early in the morning. Stay tuned for Dopey Challenge Part 3, the half marathon. 

IMG_7184Did you run the wet Disney World 10k?