Walgreens Way to Well Tour and a Giveaway for a FitBit Flex

I was given product and compensated for this post, but all opinions are always my own.

walgreens bus

The Walgreens Way to Well Tour is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area and they are making their way around to different areas.  I went and had my free tests done.   There is no payment or insurance necessary and they will test your cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, BMI, visceral fat, skeletal mass and give you a “body age”.

inside walgreens bus

The Way To Well Tour bus was like an actual doctor’s office inside.  I was very impressed.  This is such a great and free way to get some preventative tests done.  I was given my results and they also explained what all my numbers meant.  On my results page they listed the “healthy ranges” that my numbers should be between, which I thought is very helpful for understanding your results and a target goal.  I had never had my visceral fat number done before and was please to learn that it is a scale of 1-59 and that 1-10 is considered healthy and I was a 5.

walgreens tests

While at the Way to Well Tour I also learned how to link my FitBit to my Walgreens Balance Rewards card!  I am so excited about this.  I can earn more points with every mile.  To link your activity tracker all you need to do is create an account on Walgreens.com that has your Balance Reward information.  Then click on “Steps with Balance Rewards” and it will walk you right through the process.

balance rewards

You can earn 20 points per mile for running, walking and cycling!!!  I love shopping for deals in the store that help me earn Balance Rewards and now I have another way to help build up my points a little quicker.  If you don’t already have a Balance Rewards card you can sign up at your local Walgreens or online at Walgreens.com.  You get a $5 reward for every 5,000 points you earn that you can use to buy your favorite products at Walgreens.


Do you want to win a FitBit Flex so you too can start earning more Balance Rewards?  You are in luck because I have one to giveaway!  Enter below.  There is a fun entry option where you can tweet daily a healthy choice you make and use the hashtag #WayToWellTour.  For example “I made a healthy choice and took the stairs instead of the elevator. #WayToWellTour” or ” I chose an apple instead of a candy bar today. #WayToWellTour” .  Enter below:
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Learn more about the Walgreens Way To Well Tour here and see all their tour stops.

A big thank you to the Walgreens Way To Well Tour for their kindness and the awesome FitBit giveaway!


  1. Jessica | 17th May 14

    A fit bit will help me make healthy choices by letting me see how active I am throughout the day instead of just seeing my activity when I’m at the gym or on a run.

  2. shanks324 | 17th May 14

    It would help to motivate me to move. It’s also nice to see how active you are in a day.

  3. Elizabeth | 17th May 14

    I’ve been wanting to buy a FitBit to see where I’m going wrong with my weight loss journey. I seem to have hit a plateau and I think a FitBit would help me figure it out.

  4. Allison Dailey | 18th May 14

    I would love a FitBit to see how active I really am during the day, so I know if I need to make changes or not

  5. Ann Marie Orlando | 18th May 14

    I would like a FitBit because I am curious to see how I sleep at night and how much I walk during the day at work.

  6. Jenn @ Fairest Run of All | 18th May 14

    I know I get good exercise sessions in – but I’d love to have a fitbit to tell me how much I move outside the gym.

  7. evilneoprincess | 18th May 14

    FitBit will help me to see if I am active enough during the work day.

  8. Tessa | 18th May 14

    The fitbit will keep me accountable to my activity!

  9. Rachel | 18th May 14

    I want a fitbit to motivate me throughout the work day!

  10. latanya | 18th May 14

    It will help me to stay on track.

  11. Leigh Anne Borders (@laborders2000) | 18th May 14

    It will be a reminder of what I HAVE to do to get my body where I want it. It will remind me to make good choices throughout the day and to get my exercise in!

  12. Whine Less | 19th May 14

    Will help me move more!

  13. Joanna @Makingmine | 19th May 14

    It will be a tangible reminder of what I need to do to reach my goals! It will be a great way to really measure how much activity I’m getting day to day

  14. Kristen M | 19th May 14

    I’m competitive with myself and do best creating mini challenges. This will help keep me moving as it’s important for me to not let myself down.

  15. Jenna | 19th May 14

    A FitBit would help me track the things I can’t by myself (like my water intake, steps per day, and amount of sleep I’m getting) to get the most out of the new lifestyle I’m building for myself.

  16. Sarah S. | 19th May 14

    A fitbit would keep me responsible to myself about my health and activity choices. I think it would also accurately inform me of how much activity I’m doing a day, which keeps me from “sugar coating” it for myself and will keep me on track!

  17. Amy | 20th May 14

    A fitbit would help motivate me tremendously and I have been wanting one for so long! This would be awesome. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. Cali | 20th May 14

    fitbit will hold me accountable to keep moving!

  19. vfreile | 21st May 14

    I’ve been eying a fitbit for a while and would love one! Thanks for hosting this giveaway and the informative post

  20. Trey Borders (@bigboyborders) | 22nd May 14

    It would be a reminder of what i need to do to get healthy and stay healthy!

  21. Libby | 22nd May 14

    I love to walk, but don’t quite have a tracker. I keep putting my One in the wash 😉

  22. beautea97 | 22nd May 14

    I would use the FitBit to help my husband enjoy our fitness journey!

  23. Kelsey | 22nd May 14

    This will help me make sure I am eating enough to fuel my workouts! Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. Amanda H. | 22nd May 14

    It will help me know if I’m being active enough.

  25. Laurel C | 23rd May 14

    I love that it tracks sleep, and can keep me accountable!

  26. Elle | 23rd May 14

    It will motivate me to compete with myself to do better each day.

  27. Jenifer holland | 24th May 14

    I have been wanting a fitbit for quite a while but can’t seem to fit the purchase into my budget” I would love to have one to help keep me on track in my efforts to be healthier so that I can be around for a loooong time with my amazing mini mes 🙂

  28. Sarah C | 24th May 14

    It will help me control and watch my calories closer.

  29. Amber C. | 26th May 14

    I am a data nerd when it comes to exercise. I am so incentivized by numbers and cool gadgets like Fitbit. I’ve been wanting one for a while now!

  30. Abby Hollinhead | 26th May 14

    A Fitbit would help motivate me to stay more active during the day!

  31. Marina Oros | 26th May 14

    I’ve been eyeing the fitbit for some time because of it’s sleek design. I’m running my first marathon this fall and am training and tracking my time, distance, and steps. The fitbit would be so perfect

  32. Boise Runner (@RunInBoise) | 26th May 14

    I need a way to better track my movement during the day. It’s not as much as it should be.

  33. Olive To Run (@Olivetorun) | 26th May 14

    A lot of the reviews included the user mentioning how they didn’t realize how much they WEREN’T moving during the day… the fitbit flex would serve as a constant reminder to keep myself in motion during the day 🙂

  34. Blaire Martin | 26th May 14

    Having an activity tracker would make me more accountable for being active during the week. I sit at a desk all day for work, and it would be a good motivator to try to fit more into my time after work or at lunch.

  35. Colleen Boudreau | 26th May 14

    It will help me stay on track!

  36. Stephanie @Cat Lady Runs | 27th May 14

    I think seeing a particularly inactive day will encourage me to get off my butt and move more!

  37. katie | 27th May 14

    A fitbit would keep me accountable to my friends who have one and to myself. Having a new baby who doesn’t sleep, I’ve done away with a lot of early morning workouts in the name of getting a little more rest, but getting a fitbit would remind me to move more 🙂

  38. A Mother's Pace | 28th May 14

    A fitbit would be helpful to track activity from the day and try and push myself to do more.

  39. Amy K | 30th May 14

    Having a Fitbit would motivate me to move more as summer starts because I can watch my progress in real time. Thanks!

  40. Jessie | 30th May 14

    It’d be great to see how active I am throughout the day and not just during my workouts. Been wanting one for awhile now! Thanks

  41. Rose-Ann C. | 30th May 14

    The FitBit will keep me accountable! And I will know right away if I’m not walking enough! Thank you!

  42. GB | 1st Jun 14

    I think it will be fun to try to be active each day and track my progress and try to be better each day.

  43. Xiomara @ Parkesdale | 2nd Jun 14

    A fit bit will keep track of my daily activities all in one place!

  44. beingpoliticatelycorrect | 2nd Jun 14

    A fitbit would help me get up from my desk more often. Thanks!

    Rafflecopter name: Nikki
    Rafflecopter email: nikleigh(at)bellsouth(dot)net

  45. Linda | 2nd Jun 14

    Tracking my activity will only make me want to out do myself and be more active each day.

  46. Claire | 2nd Jun 14

    It will help me to stay on track.

  47. Venessa | 2nd Jun 14

    A fitbit would allow me to conveniently monitor my daily activities

  48. Mariaelena | 3rd Jun 14

    It would motivate me to workout more! :))

  49. Joy Holland | 3rd Jun 14

    Would love to see how many calories I really am burning to adjust my intake

  50. Amanda Sakovitz | 3rd Jun 14

    This will track my daily activity so I can stay motivated.

  51. amanda whiltey | 3rd Jun 14

    a fit bit would help me track my activity so i can make goals and stick to them.

  52. Crimson | 3rd Jun 14

    I’d love a fitbit flex to track my activity and see how I can improve.

  53. runtobefree10 | 3rd Jun 14

    I’d love a fitbit to see how many steps I take on my half marathons!! 🙂

  54. Victor Mariano | 3rd Jun 14

    A fit bit will be a great addition to keeping track of my life’s activities

  55. Christi Crow | 3rd Jun 14

    Fitbits are awesome!!! I would love to have one!!

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