Wait, stop the presses! Did my husband agree to run a runDisney 5k with me?!?!?

My husband is not a runner and has never really “understood” the running thing, but still supports me in my endeavors.  My daughter, who is 4, has always asked when she can run one of the bigger races with me and I told her at 5 I would do a 5k with her.  Since she dreams of being a Disney Princess and the Princess Half Marathon weekend is near her 5th birthday I thought that the 5k that weekend would be a good choice.  I was talking about it and my husband chimes in with “If both of you are running the 5k I will run it with you guys.  That would be a fun family thing.” ………. if we were on a TV show that would be the moment where everyone stops and no noise happens.  My husband is not the guy who would normally say anything like that.

Here is my husband and daughter 2 months ago.

Ok, now let me put this into perspective.  Since Christmas my husband has lost 35lbs and now feels like a new man.  I am so excited about the changes he has made.  Portion control and just overall eating healthy are to thank for the weight loss.  He now eats what I eat and lost 35 lbs, but yet I can’t seem to drop 5 lbs and I run like crazy. Lol

He has started to level off in his weight loss and has realized he needs to start exercising if he wants to lose anymore weight.

I am so proud of him.  I won’t hold my breath, but you just may see my whole family out there with me running the 5k at Princess Half Weekend. 🙂


  1. Amy Simonds | 10th Jun 14

    So frickin happy to read this! Tell him I said he rocks! All three of you rock!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 10th Jun 14

      Thanks Amy! xoxo

  2. beautea97 | 10th Jun 14

    First, CONGRATULATIONS to your Mr.!! That is awesome to hear about… Second, HOW FUN that you all could run together!!!!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 10th Jun 14

      Thank you!!! I am excited for him, but also at the idea of a family run. My daughter immediately started brainstorming about what we could all dress up as! lol

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