Our Vacation at Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort Part. 1- The Resort

I have completely fallen in love with Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  I told my husband that if I were to buy a second house I would want it to be on Hilton Head Island.  Everyone is so friendly.  The island is so beautiful and lush.  One of my other favorite parts is that there are no ugly plastic fast food signs along the roads, even those are tasteful wood signs!

I arrived to the resort after running the Disneyland Half Marathon.  It was nighttime when I arrived, but everything still looked beautiful.


The next day I didn’t want to do anything other than swim and relax.  The pool was a great temperature.  The water slide is fun and it doesn’t feel like razor blades on the seams of it. (You know what I mean, the shocking or stinging feeling that some water slides have when you go down them.)  They have one big slide, but no little one like some other DVC properties have.

We had a 2 bedroom villa.  For the most part it is pretty typical of the other DVC properties.  It has a king bed and Jacuzzi tub in master suite with the 2 way entry into the bathroom.

photo 2
Pardon the unmade bed. I took this picture while packing.

There is a stacked washer and dryer.  A breakfast nook with bench seating and a couple chairs.  On the deck is a picnic table and 2 rocking chairs.  2 queen beds in the second bedroom with another bathroom.  It had a unique mudroom type hallway from the front door area over to the second bedroom that I liked.  It had hooks for jackets or wet pool towels and in the closet there was the washer/dryer.

photo 1

In the mudroom area is a bench that I thought was so cute.  If you look closely at it, it looks like someone carved into it, but it is all part of the great Disney details.  W.D. (Walt Disney) and Mickey + Minnie.  I want one of these benches 🙂


The grounds have lots of pine trees and hammocks are randomly place around for everyones’ enjoyment.

The center area of the resort is where the pool is, the store, campfire area, food, bike rental, shuffleboard and even the game cornhole, which my 3 year old loved.  On property there is no sit down restaurant.  They have counter service, or of course the villas have a kitchen so you can cook for yourself.  They also have BBQ’s around the property you can use to cook out.  Near by the resort there are a LOT of great restaurants if you want table service.

photo 5
Cornhole is the game you see in the center of the picture. It is boards with holes and you throw beanbags in the holes.
photo 4
My family always loves the DVC property campfires. Making s’mores at the end is fun for kids of all ages.
photo 1
The view from our front door looking at the pool.

In that main area is also a pier to walk out into the marsh area and if you look down you can see crab and turtles.  It was really really cool.  You can rent a fishing pole and crab net and do that on the pier area too.



photo 3
This is the marsh side of the resort. It was beautiful, especially at sunset.

photo 2

On the other side of the resort from the marsh is a harbor that houses lots of boats.  Some of them are quite large and they are fun to look at.  We each had “picked out” our favorite 🙂


Disney’s Hilton Head Resort also has property about a mile away on the Atlantic Ocean.  They have a shuttle you can take, drive your car, or ride bikes.  It is called Disney’s Beach House and you need your room key to get in.  It has another pool there, beach access, locker rooms, and counter service food.  All the Beach House information will be in another post coming shortly.

We had such great family time that we are already planning to go again sometime in the next year.

My 3 year old daughter’s attempt at a silly face.

Stay tuned for more on Hilton Head Island including activities we did around the area and Disney’s Beach House.

I am not a DVC member, although we entertain the idea of joining regularly.

Have you ever been to Hilton Head Island?


  1. Britt @ Fit Fit Britt Britt | 13th Sep 13

    LOVED Hilton Head! Went to the Disney resort there for my birthday last year!

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