I have owned A LOT of various headphones and earbuds and my URBANEARS have been my favorite hands down.  I have ran countless miles in them, including tons of races.  I was not compensated or sponsored in any way for this post.  I just wanted to share a product that I have and truly love, the Bagis URBANEARS.
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They come in lots of fun colors.  I had the orange and now I have the blue.

They come with 3 different size ear sleeve pieces, small, medium and large so they fit everyone.  The URBANEARS never slide out like many other earbuds do.

One of my favorite features though is that the URBANEARS Bagis snap together so if I am running and don’t want to wear them anymore, I just snap them together around my neck like a necklace.  So Awesome!

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The price can’t be beat either.  They are under $35!  I have spent well over $100 on several pairs of headphones that didn’t hold up or work nearly as well as my URBANEARS.  I have shoved them in my pocket while running and forgot they were in there when I washed my pants and they STILL worked after that.  I have slammed them in my car door (accidentally) and they stayed like that overnight and they STILL worked after that too!

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One last thing that I love, the microphone for the phone calls is on the left side.  I only use my left ear, for some odd reason, to talk on the phone.  When I am driving and need to be hands free I only have one ear piece in to be safe.  A lot of headphones has the mic on the right side which doesn’t work for me.

Here is a link to URBANEARS bagis on Amazon.

To learn more about URBANEARS you can visit their website here.

Do you own URBANEARS?


  1. beautea97 | 27th Apr 14

    Ordering these now! I am constantly pushing my earbuds into my ears during runs… I’ll definitely be checking these out on Amazon 🙂

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