The Ups and Downs of Moving

Moving is such an exciting time, but also stressful on each member of the family.  Even our dog is slightly weirded out.  I haven’t been sleeping well just getting use to the new noises in the house.  My 3 year old still cries in the evening telling my husband to “go get the big truck and take everything back to the other house.”  It breaks my heart.  Overall though we are better off here.  We have a bigger yard and more square footage.

On the downside, it was unfortunate timing because I ended up with both my daughter and husband getting sick the week of moving.  This was also the same week as the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC that I had been training for and has been a race on my bucket list for a while.  At the last minute with a sick child and our entire house packed in boxes I decided that I was needed more at home.  Family always comes first before a race.  I feel I made the right decision…even though I still tear up a little thinking about the fun I missed.

On a happy note: My wifi was finally installed today!  Yay!  That means I am back in business.

Happy Halloween and I hope everyone has a safe and fun day!