Turtle Cupcakes

My daughter picked out a princess cookbook on our last trip to Disneyland.  She was immediately drawn to the turtle cupcake recipe.  I improvised a little, substituting apple sauce instead of butter and oil.

turtle cupcakes cookbook

We took a trip to the local candy store hunting for the right kind of candy to make the turtles.

turtle cupcakes candy

The recipe called for spearmint gummy leaves and green gumdrops, but what kid likes that?  We decided to not just limit our turtles to green and got candy that isn’t mint flavored.

finished turtle cupcakes

We had such a good time putting them all together.  We colored some of the frosting blue so it would look like water.  I’m pretty sure my daughter snuck more candy than I was aware of.

turtle cupcake in hands

This project was super easy and a fun afternoon activity.  These would be super cute for a birthday party.

turtle cupcakes


  1. Jennifer LE (@runningwithpugs) | 11th Jul 14

    Absolutely precious!

  2. kapodell | 11th Jul 14

    That’s precious. I need to look up the book.

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