A Trip to the Library

When I was little I wanted to be sisters with Ramona and Beezus.  I dreamt of finding my own abandoned box car and living in it.  I wished I had a bridge in my back yard that went to a cool place like Terabithia.  I thought Wayside School was the coolest school ever (not when it was falling down though).  Hopefully you recognize at least one of these book references.  I grew up loving books so much.  My dad would come home from work and read to me every night.  We read every single Beverly Clearly book and much much more.  One of the gifts I want to make sure I give my daughter is the imagination that goes along with reading to her.

Today was a big day.  I told her that when she was 4 she could get her own library card.  Not that she needs one, but I remember when I got my first library card and I was right around age 4.  I even remember the librarians names, Mrs. Diller.  Kind of weird I remember that, but apparently it was a really big deal to me.

Today my daughter (in the jogging stroller) and I walked to our local library, which is only a little over a mile from our home.  We went to the desk and got her an official, super cool, very first library card.  I wanted to take a picture of her with it, but she was in a goofball mood and this was the only pose she would give me.

photo 1

I told her she could pick whichever books she wanted and that she did.  17 hard bounds glorious books.  Note to self: when pushing a 39 lb child in a 25 lb jogging stroller up hill to get home, 17 hardbound books weighing a billion pounds was not the smartest idea. haha

photo 2

We made it home though.  We brought home Animalia.  This was always one of my favorites as a child.  The illustrations in this book are amazing.

We also picked Olivia and the Fairy Princesses.  We are big time Olivia fans.  She is a cute, spunky and feisty little pig who doesn’t like to conform.

My daughter picked The Berenstain Bears Out West (I Can Read Book 1).  Always fun.

A new one that we hadn’t read before, but now that I have I love it, Miss Lina’s Ballerinas.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.  I hope people still use and love libraries.  We are in such a digital age, but there is something so magical about looking at illustrations on actual paper and reading the book. 🙂

Do you still read actual paper books?


  1. Kristen @ The Smith Summary | 18th Apr 14

    My daughter is learning to read now and Santa brought her a bunch of easy reader books; the Easter bunny might bring her a few more 😉 I love listening to her read, I just with we had a library closer to home!

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