I Think I’m Going to Try a Tri?!?!

I have fallen in love with running and races.  I will always run races and love them.  I never in a million years thought I would run a half marathon, let alone multiple full marathons, yet I have.  I am looking to set a new goal and try something new again.  I think I have set my sites on a triathlon!

I have some friends that have done the Wildflower Tri and are doing it again in 2014.  I know this is traditionally a more difficult course (biking), but that looks like what I might set my goal on.  I would do a couple closer to home first of course.  I think it would be fun to camp and go with friends and experience all the Wildflower traditions.

Ok, so now what?  I need a new bike and one that won’t break the bank.  I don’t think “Nemo” (what we call my current bike) will cut it.


I also need to tell my husband about my thoughts and new goal…and about needing a new bike. hehe (I guess this will be the true test to see if he actually reads my website.) 🙂

My husband, as some of you know, is NOT a runner and doesn’t really understand it either, BUT he does love to swim and go for bike rides!  Training would be fun and I can probably get my husband to do some of it with me. Extra bonus!

I would love advice, suggestions or any other helpful hints of info. Bike suggestions? Wetsuit suggestions?  Telling me I’m more than half crazy?