Top 12 Must-Do’s During the Los Angeles Marathon Weekend

I love the Los Angeles Marathon.  The course is amazing and it takes you through so many iconic places.  It is a must do race.  If you are running the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19th, 2017, here are your top 12 must-do’s race weekend: (And if you haven’t registered yet, you still can!)

    1. Download Snapchat– If you don’t already have it, GET IT!  In 2017, the Los Angeles Marathon will be the first marathon to cover their course in Snapchat geofilters!  You don’t want to be left out of the snap fun.
    2. Take a picture with the Beverly Hills sign along the course- This sign brings me straight back to my childhood.  Anyone remember the movie Troop Beverly Hills?  Mind blown right?
    3. Visit the expo at 3:30 on Friday, March 17th- Why you ask?  Because I will be speaking with 3 other amazing individuals as part of the speaker series!
    4. Enjoy the final 2.5 miles of gradual downhill-  Seriously, shouldn’t every marathon end with the final 2.5 miles all being a gradual downhill?  We all deserve it by that point in the race.
    5. Grab a pair of the Los Angeles Marathon special edition Skechers Performance kicks–  I love all 3 pairs of my Skechers Performance shoes that I run in and I definitely plan on grabbing a pair of these to commemorate the day.  
    6. Run the Big 5k Saturday– A 3.1 mile shakeout run is just what you need the day before the marathon and you get a medal.  No brainer!
    7. Share your #MyLAMoment– Share your story and your race weekend photos with the hashtag, so we can all cheer you on!
    8. Keep an eye for pranksters like Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel- This was pretty hilarious in 2016.  Did you see the video?
    9. Grab your beer at the finish area beer garden from Angel City Brewery– You just ran 26.2 miles, you definitely earned a nice cold beer.

      Photo credit to Brett Copeland (@run_for_beer on Instagram)
    10. Make a plan for meeting up with your loved ones- With thousands of people around you are bound to miss each other along the course and after the race if you don’t set up a meeting place ahead of time.  Specify an exact place where they will be spectating, even which side of the road.  FYI with that many people in one area it is also next to impossible to get your cellphone to work properly, so plan ahead!  After you finish pick a place in Santa Monica to meet that isn’t right at the runners exit gate.  This area gets super congested and it will be much easier to meet up a block or so away and celebrate your accomplishment. 
    11. Post your #RaceBling pic- Everyone loves a picture of a medal! Show off your accomplishment.
    12. HAVE FUN-  Take it all in.  This is your race.  There are so many amazing spectators, landmarks, cheer sections, and neighborhoods to see.  The course is the perfect LA site seeing tour, so enjoy every mile of it.  

Good luck!  I will see you out there 🙂