Top 10 Things to Do With a Mason Jar

We all know how trendy Mason jars are right now.  Did you go buy a bunch and are now wondering what to do with all of them?  I have you covered.  Here are 10 things to do with a mason jar:

    1. Mason Jar Herb Garden– Grow your own herbs right in your kitchen. 
    2. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizers– A little paint make these mason jars look super cute.  Use all different sizes to organize your bathroom counter. 
    3. Banana Bread In A Jar– Who knew right? Super cute gift idea. 

    1. Soup In A Mason Jar– Easy to take to the office for lunch and a lot healthier than a Cup-O-Noodles.  
    2. Cupcake Wrapper Storage– What a genius idea! They won’t get smooshed in your pantry. 
    3. Mason Jar Salad– Great way to bring lunch with you on the go.  Add the dressing and shake the jar to toss and you don’t even need a plate!  
    4. Make a Center Piece– I love this lemon lined jar with beautiful flowers.  Tasteful, affordable, and easy to put together. 

  1. Bride and Groom Mason Jars– Going to a wedding?  I had to include them on this list because they are just too darn cute.  
  2. Light Up Mason Jars– Add some LED lights and you have a cute decoration that also lights the way.  I love these little lights because it reminds me of fireflies. 
  3. Craft Room Organization– Lids on or lids off, these jars are a life saver in a craft room. 

What are some of your favorite uses for mason jars?

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