Top 10 Things to Eat Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend

Who is excited about Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend?  (Raising my hand)

Ok good, now that we have that established I thought I would share with you some great eats, treats, and ways to carb load over Labor Day weekend at the Disneyland Resort.  Beware, not all of these are the healthiest of options, but they are the yummiest! 

  1. Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar– Because it is pretty much tradition when at Disneyland. You can find these are ice cream carts all over the park.
  2. Dole Whip– If you have never tried a Dole Whip you either don’t go to Disney Parks often of live under a rock.  This fluffy pineapple soft serve is ahhhmazing and located right by the Tiki Room.
  3. Fantasmic! On The Go Package at Hungry Bear Restaurant– The salmon I had was served with a rice medley and garbanzo bean and kale salad.  All of it was absolutely delicious!  PLUS you get reserved viewing for Fantasmic! It’s a win win.  Tip: Book your reservation a head of time online or by calling Disney Dining. 
  4. Frozen Apple Juice– This is my absolute favorite at Disneyland.  It tastes like frozen Martinelli’s Cider (it is actually made with Minute Maid).  It is available at several locations throughout Disneyland including Edelweiss Snacks which is located near the Matterhorn.  
  5. Smiling Tiger Salad– You can find this at Napa Rose.  I often dream about this salad.  It was off their menu for a little bit, but I am so happy that it is back by popular demand!  It has lobster fritters, spicy beef, asian greens, and coconut-lime vinaigrette. 
  6. The Grey Stuff– It’s delicious.  Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Anyways, it is yummy and fun.  You can find it at Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland.  
  7. Carthay Signature Fried Biscuits – These little biscuits of deliciousness are at Carthay Circle.  They are stuffed with white cheddar, bacon, and jalapeno, served with apricot honey butter.  
  8. Chieftain Chicken Skewer– The chicken skewer from Bengal Barbecue is one of my “go to” meals at Disneyland.  It is easy and quick to grab and eat.  Also try the bacon wrapped asparagus skewer.  Yum! 
  9. Raspberry French Macaroon– This delicious treat from Jolly Holiday Bakery is one of my favorite sweet treats.  Sometimes the flavor changes with the season, but they always have a gigantic french macaroon of some sort. 
  10. Plaza Inn Fried Chicken– Because even after all my travels and sampling fried chicken all over the country, this is still my favorite.  

What are some of your favorite race weekend treats?