10 of the Best Race Spectator Signs

Are you cheering someone on for a marathon and looking for a sign idea? Sign to hold for graduation? Game day sign or connect ideas? Here is a collection of some of the funniest signs, true signs, and all around best spectator signs seen alone a race course. Encourage runners with a fun sign!

One of my favorite parts about running a race is the crowd support and the creative signs specators hold along the way.  I see along the way.  Here is a top 10 list:

1. “Hurry Home Mama We’re Hungry…And Dirty”


top 10 race signs2.”Run Like It’s The Start Of The Hunger Games!”


3.  “No Time For Walken!”

35a9831769d97a29d1b3fdc87ddf49684. “Trust Me…If He Can Finish a 1/2 SO CAN YOU!” Next sign: “WTF is THAT Suppose To Mean?”

funny5.  “U Trained 4 This Longer Than Kim Kardashian Was Married! Keep It Up!”

Slide116. “$175 For A Half Marathon” Next sign: “Smile Only $37.40 To Go”

37-507.  “Run Like Her Husband Is Coming!”

motivation8. “Pain Is Temporary. Race Results Posted On The Internet Are Forever!”

Pain Is Temporary9. “Chuck Norris Never Ran A Marathon.”


And last, but not least…

10. “Bet U Wish U Taped Your Nipples 🙂 ”


And here is one for good luck. Do you want to remember some of these ideas? Pin it for later ?? 


  1. Amy | 6th Aug 14

    Hahaha!!! LOVE these!!! The signs always help me make it past some pretty hard times when I want to stop!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Aug 14

      Me too! The spectators can sometimes make a whole race 10 times better for me.

  2. etueller | 6th Aug 14

    Loved this! Thanks for making me laugh, I really needed it today!

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Aug 14

      Glad it made you laugh! Have a great day 🙂

  3. outrunningthefork | 6th Aug 14

    I remember the $175 for a marathon one from Disneyland Half last year…then of course I was trying to do the math, which didn’t work very well 😉

    • Half Crazy Mama | 6th Aug 14

      Lol! Me too! I was trying to figure out if they actually calculated the mileage and planned the point where they were or just put a number that looked believable 🙂

  4. Vanessa | 6th Aug 14

    “Best Parade Ever!” I think it was 2012 Disneyland and “You’ve done more before 9 am then most people will do all day!”

  5. uncoveringfood | 6th Aug 14

    You have seen some awesome signs!

    I haven’t run enough to see many signs but I have cheered at a few that ran past my apartment to try to get laughs from runners. 🙂

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