Top 10 (Affordable) Gifts On Oprah’s Favorite Things

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I remember back in the day of Oprah still being on air with her talk show I would dream about getting to go to the taping go her “Favorite Things” episode.  She now partners with Amazon and Oprah’s Favorite Things List has come out.  There are a ton of fun (and expensive) products to sift through.  I have narrowed it down for you to 10 that are reasonably priced and great gifts for anyone.  Here are the top 10 (affordable) gifts on Oprah’s Favorite Things 2017:

  1. Spanx Active Leggings– This shouldn’t be much of a surprise, running clothes is always a good present right? 
  2. Prep’d Pack Lunchbox– Super fun and functional.  Meal prep and take your lunch to work.  
  3. SOREL Boots– The perfect winter accessory and they are super cute! 
  4.  Corkcicle Stemless Glass– Perfect for wine or other beverages.  I have a Corkcicle water bottle that is great, so I’m sure the glass would make a perfect gift! 
  5. Great Thought A Day Notepad– It is like those desk calendars that use to be a popular gift in the 90’s, but way better.  It has a quote a day, but is a notepad.  Also, only $14.99!
  6. MYTAGALONGS Charger Case– I love traveling and anything that can make it easier for me is a great gift!  I love these nifty bags to carry all the cords!
  7. TOCCA Hand Cream– If Oprah recommends a hand cream it’s got to be good right?  (I’m just guessing)
  8. My Audio Pet Bluetooth Speaker– Super adorable animal bluetooth speakers.  Lots of animals to choose from.  I personally love the little owl.
  9. Madd Capp Animal Puzzles– There are 5 animal heads to choose from.  I think gifts like this are great because it gives the family an activity to do on Christmas after all the presents are opened while drinking some eggnog.
  10. CORROON Puffy Toiletry Kit– I feel like the extra puff on this bag might help protect it from the craziness of being bumped around in a suitcase.  It is also pretty cute with several color options.

Honorable Mentions:

I love the GoBone Interactive Smart Bone for Dogs, but it is a little pricey.  I would love to see it in action with my Gus Gus.  I think he would lose his mind! Great gift for the dog lover in your life.

I love the Gratitude Jar, but I also think a thoughtful homemade one is a really great option too.  

Canvas Home Tinware Mug (not actually metal)– They look like the old metal cups we would camp with, but they are actually stoneware!  These come in a variety of colors.  They are $48 for a set of 4, which means it’s $12 a mug (still cheaper than the Starbucks Disney mugs.)

butter London All the Jewels Manicure Kit– This nail polish set by butter is to die for.  Their polish is amazing and this gets you 30 mini bottles plus all the accoutrements for a manicure.  The only downside is the $150 price tag, BUT Amazon currently has a 15% off coupon on it. If the coupon is still good when you are reading this you will see it when you click on link. 

Katz’s Deli 3-Course Dinner for 4- Because I LOVE Katz’s Deli in NYC.  Now they will ship you all the deliciousness!  Perfect gift or the NYC deli lover.

Martone Cycling Women’s Gramercy Bicycle– Seriously obsessed with this all red bike! This is a really big gift for someone, but a really really great one! 

Also check out the rose gold one! They also have all white.

Burt’s Bees Baby Organic Cotton Pajamas– Matching family Jammies anyone?  These are actually quite reasonably priced! They come in different patterns and styles. I personally love the onesies. 🙂








What was your favorite on Oprah’s list this year?