Top 10 Favorite runDisney Race Costumes

I think the question I am asked most is “What was your favorite costume you have worn?”.  This is such a hard question because most (not all) have been a lot of fun.  My daughter and I discuss costume ideas and she picks what she would love me to dress as.  Then I logistically think about if I can sew and create that costume.  That is our process.  Just the look on her face when she sees me in my costume that she helped create makes every race more amazing. 

Here is a top 10 list of some of my favorites that I have worn:

1. Cinderella


2. White Rabbit


3. Anna


4. Elsa


5. Maleficent (This was before the Angelina Jolie version)

photo 2

6. Snow White


7. Ariel


8. Evil Stepsisters


9. Aurora


10. Mary Poppins


Honorable mentions to Tinker Bell and Jessie.

What are some of your favorite costumes you have worn or have seen people wear?


  1. Addie | 10th Aug 14

    Getting ready to start working on my costumes for Princess Weekend 2015. I’m curious as to wear you got your sleeves on Cinderella? Or did you make them?

    • Half Crazy Mama | 11th Aug 14

      Most of the sleeves I wear I get from The work great and super cute. 🙂 Good luck! Any ideas what you want to be?

      • Addie | 11th Aug 14

        I’m going to be Anna for the 5K, then peasant Belle and gold dress belle.

  2. heiditomlinson | 11th Aug 14

    Fabulous costumes!!! How is it running in a wig? it seems like it would be too hot.

    • Half Crazy Mama | 11th Aug 14

      I only wore the wigs for a 5k and 10k and it was pretty toasty (but it was also races in Florida, which are always toasty anyways). My biggest advice is wet your own hair before you put the wig on and it helps. The wig was dripping with sweat at the end though. 🙂

  3. Alicia | 11th Aug 14

    All of your costumes are so great! Your White Rabbit is fabulous! I’ve never done a costume for a Disney race 🙁 Maybe someday!

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