To Running Costume Or Not To Running Costume, That Is The Question?

A running costume can make the right race a lot of fun.  A Disney character for a runDisney race or Elvis for Rock ‘N Roll Marathon Las Vegas.  With that said, some times the a running costume can make a race miserable.  If the costume is to hot, heavy or chafes it can be painful.  Test your costume first!  Really think about everything that could rub, snag, break or hinder you.

I am a fan of the costume, more so for my runDisney races than others.  For a normal race I will usually just sport a Team Sparkle skirt (  For runDisney I will go all out.  Here is a look at some of my past costumes.  I usually let my almost 3 year old help me pick what I will be dressing up as for Disney races.  She is my little Disney stylist.

Snow White for Princess Half Marathon

photo 5

photo 1

Rapunzel for Disneyland Half.  A side note, if you choose to do Rapunzel try not to pick really heavy hair, this is my advice.  I had bought this one at the Disney Store and bobby pinned it all over to stay, but it was so heavy that my real hair started to feel like it was getting ripped out of my scalp by the end of the race.  I safety pinned Pasqual (the lizard) to my armband and was most worried about that, but it actually was not very bothersome at all.



photo 2

For the Inaugural Tinker Bell Half I wore one of my fun skirts made by Running Skirts ( ) and I put a pair of black wings on to go along with the fairy theme.


For the Full Marathon of one of my Goofy Challenges I wore my minnie Team Sparkle Skirt (  I wanted to be festive for the occasion, but not over costumed since I was running 26.2 miles after I had ran 13.1 the day before.




Even for races with charity I like to pair a little sparkle with my jersey.


Here is my Tinker Bell for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2013, again a Team Sparkle Skirt.

photo 1 photo 2


Even mommy daughter costumes for my daughters kids races.  The minnie skirts are run skirts made by Ink N’ Burn ( )

My daughter was obsessed with Buzz Lightyear before she discovered princesses, hence the girl version of a Buzz costume I concocted for her.

20130206-091742.jpg photo

20130218-142615.jpg 20130218-142600.jpg


Just be creative and have fun.  I promise you will see costumes of all shapes and sizes out there, so don’t think you might be the only one wearing a tutu 🙂