To Pole Or Not To Pole, That Is The Half Dome Question

I am a month away from hiking Half Dome in Yosemite and the question I’m trying to decide the answer to is whether or not to use trekking poles? I have read tons of blog posts and reviews and some say yes and some say no.  

13592777_1070551043041209_3171379538439779297_nThis weekend I did a hike with my Half Dome partner in crime that was 12.2 miles and 3000ft elevation gain. We had a GREAT time. It also helped us realize what we should pack in addition to what we did and also what we didn’t need.  It all went great except for one small blister from a sock seam and a sunburn.  In addition to poles I need to find the best sunscreen that is hard to sweat off.  I don’t mind stopping a couple times to reapply, but I don’t want to have to reapply constantly while sweating.  

13620870_1070457239717256_2759167981615836740_nWe both agreed though that on the way down for some added stability that poles might have been nice. I guess my answer is that they are pretty lightweight and I can attach them to my pack. If I use them I’ll be glad I had them and if I don’t it’s just a extra pound I had to carry right? BUT will it be annoying to carry them? Any advice from people with experience debating this same question is greatly appreciated! 

So hikers, poles or no poles? (Also, anyone have a certain sunscreen that they swear by?)


  1. just | 13th Jul 16

    Hmm, tough question, i always took poles on my hikes and don’t recall ever regretting it. With the sunscreen i always like to find a long sleeve light airy spf shirt to wear that will take some of the sunburn danger away for a specific brand of sunscreen i would try asking at an REI store as they are totally familier with the products in fact they could probably help with both questions 🙂

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