Tips to runDisney on a Budget

runDisney medalsHeading to Disney World to run a half marathon is what running dreams are made of. Sometimes though it can also break the bank. I decided to write a post all about how to save money on a Disney race. Here are 10 tips to be able to save money and runDisney on a budget. 

  1. Don’t buy the extra merchandise- You get the race shirts, which is just as great! The extra merchandise may seem like something you need, but is a $45 shirt worth it when you already have a race shirt?
  2. Stay at a budget hotel or off property- Disney World offers several budget hotel options. There are also a lot of off property hotels that are very affordable and close by.
  3. Share a room- Grab a friend and split the cost of the room. Sharing a room will save you a lot of money.
  4. Bring food and water with you- Pack snacks from home or head to a local grocery store to stock up on food and water and save on paying top dollar for meals inside the parks. Disney parks allow you to bring food into the park with you.
  5. You don’t need the extras- No race retreat, runner’s circle, or ChEAR Squad. They are all costly add-ons that you don’t really need.
  6. Eat counter service instead or sit down restaurants- If you want to eat inside the parks, counter service restaurants will save you money over the pricey sit down restaurant options. 
  7. Save your legs and your money, and pick one day to do the parks instead of getting park tickets for every day- You might find that sitting and relaxing by the pool is fantastic for your running legs instead of hitting the parks those extra days. 

  8. Enjoy the free things there are to do at Disney World- Here is a post with ideas or free things to do at Disney World.
  9. Instead of splurging on a challenge race entry, just run one race- I know that running the challenge sounds like fun, but it also costs a lot more. Save that money and run just one race. 
  10. Stay for a shorter period of time- If you want to save money, obviously the length of your stay can make things far more expensive. Instead of staying for 5 days, stay for 3 and pack in the enjoyment. 

I hope these tips allow you to enjoy a runDisney race weekend without breaking the bank. You can run, have fun, and not have to max out your credit cards.

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