Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

child and mom readingWhen it comes to the summer season, many kids are ready to just enjoy the warm weather and outdoor activities. While your kids would rather have loads of fun during the summer season, it’s important to keep their reading on track. Even just a little reading each day can help your child reach milestones in the fall. 

Even though everyone was participating in remote learning for the last quarter of the school year, it’s important that you keep your kids prepared for their return to school in the fall. Today I’m going to show you how you can incorporate reading into your summer schedule so that your kids will keep reading to avoid falling behind. 

Tips to Keep Your Kids Reading This Summer

Find Your Kids’ Interests

It’s imperative that you find out what type of reading material holds your kids’ interest. Some kids may prefer graphic novels, while other kids may enjoy historical novels or fantasy books. Sit down with your kids and make notes of what types of books they’ve enjoyed reading over the years. You’ll use this list to accumulate a variety of reading material for your kids to read something that interests them during the summer season. 

Create a Reading Spot

Whether you opt to make a reading spot in your kids’ bedroom or you create a family area for reading, it’s important that you have a spot in the home that’s designated for reading. You can put a comfortable seat, such as a bean bag, a reading light, and a house plant in the area to make this spot a comfy space to read. Providing a comfortable spot to curl up with a good book will boost your success in keeping your kids reading this summer. child reading with stack of books

Make a Bookshelf

Another fabulous way to keep kids reading this summer is to have a bookshelf in the family room and perhaps a smaller one in each kids’ bedroom. You can make a small bookshelf out of old two by fours that you have leftover from another wood project, or find a small bookshelf online that will match your home decor for the family room and kid’s bedrooms. When you have a bookshelf full of book options, your kids will be more apt to read often, especially when they’re bored with nothing else better to do. 

Consider Audio Books

Lastly, you may want to consider audiobooks as something for your kids to keep reading this summer. You can get an Audible account or use Amazon Kindle to provide a variety of audiobooks to your kids. This may be a nice way to offset paperback reading for kids who prefer using an electronic device to enjoy read-a-long style books. This option may not be suitable for every parent, and it’s most certainly not a good source to use for every reading session, however, its a nice tool to use when your kids are having a difficult day and need a break from any hefty reading material. 

Here are some of my daughter’s favorite books. (you can click on them to find them on Amazon)


These are just a few of the best ways to keep your kids reading this summer. Whether your kids are elementary, middle school, or high school level readers, these tips will encourage a love of reading all summer long. 

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