Tips For Registering For A runDisney Race

A lot of people get frustrated with how quickly the runDisney races sell out.  Here are my tips for successfully registering for a runDisney race:

1.  Be at your computer 5 minutes BEFORE registration opens.  Start refreshing the registration link like it is your full time job.  I would like to say that the link only goes live right at 9am, but generally it is active a minute or 2 before hand.  


2.  If you want to run with friends or family, have everyone register themselves.  If it is a large group, chances are the race will sell out before you get everyone registered one by one.  

3.  If you don’t already have an account, set one up and be logged in before registration starts.  This will save you time on inputting your info.

4.  If you want to register for multiple races, register for the most popular one first because that will sell out quickly.  Challenges, 10k, and 5k typically sell out faster than just the half marathon.  

5.  If you click on the link and it shows that you are “in the queue” don’t leave the page or refresh.  You don’t want to lose that spot because if you do it basically puts you at the end of the line. This means it could sell out before you get in.
6.  The Kids Races have been selling out increasingly quickly. If you are on your computer for your registration and also want to make sure to get your child registered for a Kids Race, considering multitasking with an iPad at the same time.

7.  Be sure to follow runDisney on social media for registration information and updates. I find that Twitter is their most active social media platform.

8. If you are not able to register, don’t worry! There are lots of charities and travel providers that you can get a bib through. Check out the event page on and click on “registration” then “travel providers” or “charity groups”.


I hope these help.  Good luck!