Tips for Moms to Sneak In Exercise During Their Busy Day

Getting exercise on a regular basis is an important part of life. Being a mom is far more than a full-time job though, so finding ways to exercise during a busy day are key. exercise and phone

Having a physically active routine to do on a regular basis is a fabulous way to stay happier and healthier. When it comes to busy moms who have other responsibilities to tend to, a daily exercise routine may make you laugh out loud. There are already so many things you must get done during the day that exercise seems to slip past your mind. If you’re a mom looking to stay active on a regular basis but need to find ways to sneak in this exercise, then you’ve come to the right place. Find some tips below to stay active even when your schedule seems too busy for such a concept.

Tips for Moms to Sneak Exercise During Their Busy Day

Stretch First Thing

When you get up and out of bed start doing some stretches. You can easily touch your toes and do side bends as well as some squats if you really want to get adventurous. Stretching as soon as you hop out of bed will not add much more time to your morning routine and help your body wake up quicker. 

Early Morning Workout

I know I know, don’t kill the messenger, but if you are an early riser then a workout before the family is awake could be a great way to start your day. If your husband is home getting ready for the day and the kids are asleep, this is a great time to go for a quick 30 min run or dust off that exercise bike in the corner of your bedroom acting as a clothes hanger and give it a ride! stretching

Squats All Day Long

Squats are a fabulous way to get exercise without having to do a whole lot of extra work. You can sneak squats in during your shower, while cleaning, or even at the checkout while you’re waiting in line. You might get some weird looks, but who really cares because they are strangers and your bum will be in better shape! Add some squats throughout the day.

Park at a Distance

When out running errands or going grocery shopping try to park at a distance so that you can take a long walk to get to the store. This may not be a lot of exercise for one stop, but on days when you’re going from place to place, you can get a decent walk in simply by parking at a distance. All those steps add up!

Exercise While Cooking

If your meal plan involves meals that have to cook for a long period of time or simmer while the ingredients mix together, you can easily sneak in some push-ups using the counter or squats and running in place. Make it a habit to sneak in exercise while cooking your family meals. Again, every little bit counts.

These are just some of the more simple ways for moms to sneak exercise during their busy day. Each of these tips will help you feel healthier and happier in no time. Exercising more will also help you have more energy throughout the day. I find when I workout my mental state is also far better. I am more patient with my family and a better mom as a result. Soon you’ll find that all of those squats, counter push-ups and walking to the store start to add up along with your couple times a week workouts to help tone your muscles, lose weight and feel happier.

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