How the Tinker Bell Half Marathon 2014 seems to be shaping up

Ok, while none of this is confirmed, this is what it looks like could be in store for the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend.  There has been a lot of talk about a 10k addition and talk about another Challenge, meaning a special medal for the 10k and half together.

With all the runDisney stalkers and bloggers and random sources my guess is yes a 10k, but no challenge.  So now we just wait and see….

For some more awesome runDisney wisdom I would like to give a shout out to two awesome ladies that I got to “meet” at the Disney Social Media Moms event.  Even though we already “knew” each other from social media it is a ton of fun to actually chat in person for a change.  So check out and

Happy running everyone!

Would you still run both the 10k and the Tinker Bell Half Marathon if there was no special challenge and added medal?  I say I probably still would…but I am also half crazy.